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When was the last time you talked about yourself?

...I mean really talked about yourself? Without anyone else interrupting you to tell you about their experience? Without any unwanted advice? Without feeling guilty for taking up someone else’s time?

Welcome to counselling.

The counselling experience is as unique as the people who seek it. But in short, counselling provides a space for you to be able to talk - about the things that you need to talk about - and be heard.

We all have pain in our lives. Whether that’s grief over past experiences or more current issues, counselling can enable you to look at, explore and ask questions about the different apsects of your life that are important to you. Maybe, even to say some of the things you never thought you could.

The short articles in the blog page Counsel can tell you more…

In March 2020, my practice (like so many others') moved from a lovely cosy room to being fully online. I have recently moved to a different (also lovely and cosy) room on Wednesday afternoons, but much of my work is still online.

In the post-pandemic world, meeting face-to-face, has regained its popularity, so if that is what you are looking for, it's possible there could be a wait.

Working online, tends to be more flexible in terms of time and availability, and while it doesn't suit everyone, most of the people I work with, find they quickly forget the screen, and appreciate the convenience. Some have even reported finding it easier to talk.

And working online means that access is now available to anyone who has use of a private space, and a computer (or even a smartphone) wherever you live in UK, and possibly beyond.


Like many counsellors I try to keep fees to a minimum, and I offer low rates for those who are not paid well themselves. We can discuss this at your first appointment if it is relevant to your situation.

Initial session: Up to 50 minutes – Free
Standard fee: 50 minutes – £50
Concessions: 50 minutes – £35-£45 (Negotiable)