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Perhaps the most important factor in successful counselling is the relationship between you and your counsellor. As we are all different, no counsellor suits everyone. You may not know what you are looking for in a counsellor. But if you feel comfortable speaking, you may have found it.

Like many other counsellors, I fit a stereotype; white, female, middle aged (just), middle class. Like all people my age, I have lived my own set of painful, joyful, hurtful, lifeful experiences that help me to hear yours. Before I was a counsellor, I trained in midwifery, worked as an alternative therapist, administrated in offices and parented children.

I try to take a flexible approach to most things, so when working online, I do not insist that you have a counselling session once a week at a particular time, and I do not put a limit on how many times you can come.

I have a post-graduate diploma and MA in integrative counselling from the University of Manchester and counselling experience at Trafford Psychological Therapies, Forest Bank Prison and my own private practice. The blog page Counsel contains some short articles that can tell you more about my approach.

Please explore, and get in touch if you wish to book a session or if you have suggestions about the site.