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Anxiety and OCD no longer dominate my life in the same way they did in the past

My OCD is channelled into art and I am no longer controlled by it. I feel instead that I have agency over my own self. more...

I want to express my utmost thanks for the help you provided me in being able to say that today. Before approaching you, I was in truth reluctant to take part in counselling… I did not think that I would be able to learn anything or take anything away from it… I was looking for someone who was genuine. I think the word genuine would be my way of encapsulating our sessions - I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with you and actually looked forward to the sessions - I felt assured in being able to relay to you on a weekly basis how my mental health was having an impact on my life at the time. The most valuable thing I would say I gained from our sessions was the change in perspective I underwent. You steered me to think in different ways and to also be kinder to myself. I don't want to use the cliche word that is 'validate', but in honesty the counselling provided a safe space for me to breathe. I felt suffocated by my mental health and entirely absorbed by it. I think the reason for this is because the way I was feeling had been going on for so long I anticipated I would never be free of it. Over time it felt to me that the sessions were a conversation in which I would take away a new way of thinking each time. It was like my own personal enlightenment - ha! … I feel more equipped and positive about the future. Counselling, almost like a degree or a great book, has taught me invaluable things about both myself and life in general. Sincerely, thank you for everything - I will never forget it.


Fiona Goldman is an excellent therapist

We worked successfully together for three years. I found Fiona adept at identifying themes in my life and in fostering an environment in which I was able to discuss these themes with her, openly and honestly. more...

For instance, I was able to re-examine my relationship with (family members), through the strong therapeutic relationship Fiona and I developed. In fact, I have been able to enact change in my relationship with (family members). This change seems wholly for the better and is a continuing source of happiness for me. Fiona has played a very important part in this process. Fiona is both personable and highly professional. I would recommend her counselling service to a friend.


I’ve been working with Fiona for some months now and I’ve learned an enormous amount

The sessions have helped me build up my self-esteem and confidence, and enjoy my friendships and relationships with energy and self-awareness. more...

Fiona is wise and caring and listens in a way that invites you to listen to your emotions, address your fears, celebrate what is good, and to look after yourself and others better. For anyone looking for a patient, caring, insightful guide to help them through a difficult time, or even to ‘work on themselves’ when they are feeling stronger, I’d recommend Fiona.


The work that I did alongside Fiona is hard to summarise

but to give it my best shot, I would say it was the most eye opening and emotionally fulfilling experience of my life. more...

I was granted so much respect and freedom from her as a counsellor, this lead me to uncover deep truths about myself, whilst reframing the way that these truths inform my present. My quality of life has been so drastically improved, along with my ability to handle life’s many challenges. I always felt in total control, and as a result I feel completely empowered that I was able to overcome my toughest thoughts. Fiona is a wonderfully considerate counsellor, I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Thank you again

for holding space for me for the last few years, it has been truly transformational. more...

And our last session felt like a perfect balance of reflection and celebration of it all. I'm so grateful.